Marian studied journalism at Carleton University and went on to produce historical documentaries. In 1996 she published her first book of poetry, Skinny Dipping. Marian is also the owner and operator of Fire Crown Productions, a Canadian film company. Marian enjoys the opportunity to share her work at home in St. John's, Newfoundland or wherever her work takes her. 

photo of MarianMarian Frances White
grew up in a family of twelve. She was born on November 18, 1954 in Carbonear, Newfoundland. Her parents are Florence and Terrence White. Marian attended Memorial University of Newfoundland where she studied English, French and Spanish and later went to Carleton University, Ottawa to study Journalism. Marian traveled extensively in France before returning to Newfoundland and to Memorial University where she studied poetry and film.

On the subject of film, in the 1990's Marian studied film in
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and at the Algonquin College Filmmakers Summer School in Ottawa. She has also trained at NIFCO - Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-op where she took courses in writing and directing for film.

She is currently working on a sensual feast of a novel called Ah Paris! set in the 1980's and based in Newfoundland and Paris, France. In “Good Grief”,  a book  of poetry that will include a selection of her photographs,  White celebrates the life of her mother, Florence White, mother of twelve children. In all her work, no matter the genre, Marian explores her life-long admiration for the Island of Newfoundland where she was born and lives.

Below is a selection of career highlights:


  - A Woman's Almanac (introduction) released in 2017


  - Reflexology Certification


  • Marian is currently working on a sensual feast of a novel called Ah Paris! that takes place in Newfoundland and Paris, France.
  • Since her mother's passing in 2007 she has been collecting poetry and photos that celebrate her mother's life.  This limited edition book will be published in 2010.


  • On going work on the animated film "Sights Before Christmas as well as the movie "Father's Pride.


  • White released the film Tricksters, a documentary that takes viewers for a unique circus adventure to northern native communities in Labrador. There we experience the hardship and beauty of remote Labrador life, juxtaposed against the backdrop of international circus artists as they bring the first ever circus festival to Labrador.


  • Co-produced docu-drama Stealing Mary: Last of the Red-Painted Tribe
  • Released children’s book, Sights Before Christmas, co-authored with Beni Malone
  • Invited Guest for Words Aloud Poetry Festival, Durham, Ontario


  • League of Canadian Poets, readings in St. John’s, Toronto and Montreal
  • Participated in Random Acts of Poetry with 27 Canadian poets


  • Mind Your Eyes poetry book published by Killick Press


  • Producer/Scriptwriter, LaughterShock kids TV series (in development0


  • Director/Scriptwriter for Fool Proof circus documentary


  • Producer/Scriptwriter for historical docudrama The Untold Story


  • Published The Untold Story Chapbook #1, a booklet that outlines the research to unearth the story of Newfoundland Suffragists

1997 - 1998

  • Co-Writer of Social History Series #2. Produced by the Writers Alliance of NF


  • Skinny Dipping, White’s first book of poetry. Published by gynergy books, P.E.I.


  • WTN (now called WE) Writing On The Wall, featured poetry on TV program


  • The Eldamar Cookbook, a fine vegan cuisine Published by Creative Publishers, NF. Celebrating recipes from twenty years as a vegetarian


  • Writer/Editor A Woman’s Almanac - Voices from Atlantic Canada, an annual agenda book that profiled twelve women each year. Creative Publishers


  • GROLIER LTD. A current history of the province. Second edition released in 1997; French Translation 1998


  • A Woman’s Labour - book and tape series that includes interviews and stories from various A Woman’s Almanac profiles. Published by WANL.


  • Writer/Editor A Woman’s Almanac - Newfoundland and Labrador edition, Published by Breakwater Books, NF


  • The Finest Kind, Writer/Editor. A compendium of seventy-two Almanac profiles


  • Not A Still Life - the art and writings of artist Rae Perlin Killick Press, NF: over 100 art reproductions; editor.




  • Perry's Cove Revisited is a short poetic film shot during a family reunion at their ancestral homeland.  It uses existing footage of her father reciting a poem about his boyhood, later White recites her poem while walking along the 'goats paths of Perry's Cove'.


  • Released Voodooville, a live show of Wonderbolt Circus.


  • White released Tricksters, a documentary that takes viewers for a


  • Co-produced Stealing Mary: Last of the Red Painted Tribe – a docu-drama on the demise of the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland.


  • Room, her ancestral home on the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean


  • Writer for film script The Elsie Holloway Story: a personal look at the life and work of a major Newfoundland photographer, including the historical landscape of photography


  • Scriptwriter/producer LaughterShock, kids TV series, in development with CBC TV. Check out


  • Script writer/director for clown/circus documentary, Fool Proof, released December 2002, Vision TV and NTV


  • Chapbook for the Department of Education and Women’s Policy office to accompany the high school classroom study of my film, The Untold Story of the Suffragists of Newfoundland


  • Producer/Scriptwriter The Untold Story -- a docudrama on the women’s suffrage movement of NF, 1892 - 1925



  • League of Canadian Poets Atlantic Canada Rep.


  • Stealing Mary took the Chris Award at the 54th AnnualColumbus International Film & Video Festival on November 11, 2007

1997 - 2002

  • Member of Producers Association of Newfoundland
  • Member of Writers Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Member of League of Canadian Poets
  • Member St. John’s Status of Women Council
  • Member of FOG, Friends of the Botanical Garden


  • Artist of the Year 2000 Named by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, Sponsored by Newtel and CBC TV


  • Nominated for History Documentary Award
  • Yorkton Film Festival, Saskatchewan


  • Documentary, 3rd place Award at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, California


  • Poetry Award, Department of English, MUN

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